Black Hat Knight — warning people about email spoofing

On our definition page we have pointed out the difference between Black Hat SEO and Black Hat Hacking. Similarly, what people call Search Engine Spamming is not illegal – while Email Spam is against many laws.

On this page, I'd like to show that it's not hard for scammers to send you an email that appears to come from a trusted source. If you enter one of your own email addresses in the form below and press [Send], I will send you an email that appears to originate from president* Bush' own personal pc. Of course I'll make it a short and simple message, but somebody could email you anything from seemingly anywhere.

PS: use a throw-away email address if you don't really trust me.
PPS: if the email doesn't seem to get through, you have quite an agressive spam filter. You may want to check it :-)

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* Please note that this page was made when Bush was still president of the USA. (c) 2006 BHK